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A Little Introduction

Welcome To Forget Me Not Village

Behind every problem, there is always a chance for a solution. My “problem” began when my husband of 40 years was diagnosed with MCI at age 62. It is through this journey that I decided to “solve the problem” facing all dementia families. The process has been so frustrating and emotionally draining. We need to change the way we treat the people involved in taking care of their loved one. It does not seem normal that at the very time the family needs support, they are bitterly pulled apart. Condemned to spend the rest of the dementia patient’s life alone, away from family and friends. The spouse forced to live as a nonentity, not married (in the accepted way) and not single. Together we can change the way we treat this life-ending disease. Finally, I dedicate this project to Teepa Snow. Without her help, my husband would have died a victim of chemical restraints from a care home that promised to help with monitoring his drug intake. It was from Teepa that I learned what was happening to him. Her classes taught me that dementia can be handled with behavior management, not drugs. Rich got off all the psychotropic drugs. His progress with the disease slowed but was definitely better for him and our family. I used Teepa’s training to make our journey through the different stages less stressful and more accepting of the in evident outcome. The principles I learned through Teepa Snow will be the cornerstone of Forget Me Not Family Care Home.

Pam Speta,

Founder, Chairman, CEO of Forget Me Not Village